About me

Hello! n.n
My nick is Lyra and I’m delighted that you are here on my website.

I’m an illustrator, web designer and graphic designer. I love drawing happy things and transmitting the happiness that this causes me to others. Please make yourself at home and gossip all you want :p

Projects in which I have worked as an illustrator

  • Illustrated logos for associations and small businesses
  • Character creation for large chat company
  • Children’s illustrations for stories, for various companies in Catalonia
  • Funny illustrations for companies in more technical sectors
  • Icons for Twich chat
  • Illustrations for individuals (characters they liked, commissions or portraits)
  • Comic in webtoon
  • Among other projects

More about me

Name: Alba

Nick: Lyra

Height: 1.70 m

Birth: April 21, 1989

Blood group: I don’t know XD (who knows that and doesn’t live in an anime? XD)

I like: Cats, drawing, video games, listening to music while doing other things, admiring nature, feeling at peace

Favorite video games: Animal crossing, Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Starbound, Skyrim, farm and management games

Favorite food: KFC, Chinese food, carbonara pasta with lots of cheese, panacota ice cream, pancakes with peach jam, and a long ecetera :D_

Studies: Illustration, Web Design and Graphic Design

Hair colors that I have worn: Natural (dark brown), red, orange, black, pink, blonde, blue

Things I have collected: Pullips, Monster high, Stickers, Tamagotchis, Vampire the Masquerade role-playing game books (I’m Malkavian ;D XD)

If I had to describe myself with one word I would be happy. I’m usually cheerful, positive and I like to have fun. I’m a bit addicted to hobbies, and when I am passionate about something I dive without thinking in anything more.
But sometimes I think too much about things and end up overwhelmed. Because I try to find the best result, and that sometimes causes me stress, since nobody is able to see the future XD

I think one of the most important things in life is knowing yourself and learning to manage yourself.

Social networks

Here are my social networks that I do not use, lately I only upload some animations to Tik Tok.

I’ll be honest, I have a problem with creating many instagrams XD
Which I don’t use later, if you want to know why enters here .